Full-Arch Implant-Supported Bridge

What is a Dental Implant-Supported Full-Arch Porcelain Bridge?

Years of poor oral hygiene and even normal wear and tear can cause teeth to fall out, or become damaged, or unusable. Rather than worrying about eating, communicating, and what others think causing unnecessary stress, why not replace the bad teeth?

A dental implant-supported full-arch porcelain bridge is a dental bridge held in place by dental implants. Dr. Heidari and his knowledgeable staff can help you to replace your missing teeth with an implant-supported full-arch porcelain bridge. The stability and vitality of your smile CAN be restored again.

fixed dental implant-supported overdenture
fixed dental implant-supported overdenture

dental implant placement

If all your upper or lower teeth are missing, a custom-made denture may be permanently secured using implants. The number of implants will vary for each patient.

fixed dental implant-supported overdenture

make custom overdenture

You will be fitted for a custom overdenture that attaches directly to the implants. The holes in the overdenture will be covered after attachment.

fixed dental implant-supported overdenture

overdenture attached

Your new teeth are firmly supported by the implants to stimulate the jaw and maintain bone.* Your dentist can remove the denture when needed for maintenance and cleaning.

     * Contemporary Implant Dentistry. Carl E. Misch 2008; 18-20.

When is it used?

A dental implant supported full-arch porcelain bridge is typically used by patients who are missing all, part, or a majority of their teeth, and are formed by placing a select number of dental implants, first, into the jawbone, then placing a porcelain bridge on top of the implants. This method bridges gaps where individual dental implants cannot be safely placed which may cause uncomfortable amounts of pressure leading to implant failure. Some patients cannot have implants placed in areas of the mouth where there is significant bone loss, or in close proximity to other pre-existing implants. In some cases, a bone graft may be necessary to ensure that dental implants remain a viable option for tooth replacement. Dr. Heidari will help you determine whether or not dental implants or a dental implant-supported full-arch porcelain bridge is right for you when you come in.

What are the results?

When your dental implant supported full-arch porcelain bridge has been placed, you will have the full range and strength of your bite and smile back, plus your confidence restored. Dr. Heidari full-arch porcelain dental bridges and implants give you a long-lasting solution, and often last for a lifetime.

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